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Personal Narrative Final Paper (50 points): One key component of this course inv

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Family and Consumer Science | 0 comments

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Personal Narrative Final Paper (50 points): One key component of this course involves encouraging students to make connections between personal, subjective experience and theoretical perspectives. To facilitate making these connections, you are asked to reflect critically on your own educational experiences within the context of some aspect of theories and

perspectives shared in class. Write a personal narrative on some facet of your educational experience and interpret your story with the assistance of a theoretical perspective introduced in our class or discovered through your own research. (Make sure to carefully document your sources.) In other words, identify a specific perspective addressed in class or the textbook and use it to interpret some facet of your own educational experience.

For the assignment, you may want to consider the following when deciding on what aspect of your education to focus on (this list is not to be considered exhaustive):


Behavioral issues


Major and/or career selection

Areas of privilege in your education, as well as areas where you have experienced disadvantage

Intersection of other aspects of your identity with your gender, and how that impacted your education

Peer relations at different ages

In writing this narrative, focus on themes throughout your educational experience (e.g., your experience with athletics in elementary, middle, and high school and college) or incidents (e.g., the reaction others had to your selection of major). Remember, you are not only sharing the facts of what happened, you are now reinterpreting the experience through course material and theories presented.

Given that this is a narrative essay, some students may be concerned about others reading their paper. Only the instructor of the course will have access to read the material and it will not be shared with other students. If there are concerns regarding any disclosures, please talk with your instructor. Additionally, please do not feel pressured to explore difficult topics of your personal life. In some situations, if something is shared with the instructor that raises concern for the safety of the student, instructors may be required to take action to ensure they are safe. The expected length is 5-7 pages.
**** Personal Information about myself to help the writer relate….
Senior at NMSU obtaining Bachelors in Psychology
NY native
single mother to a toddler
works in the restaurant industry

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