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This individual coursework consists of two parts. Part 1 consists of seven tasks

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Mathematics | 0 comments

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This individual coursework consists of two parts. Part 1 consists of seven tasks. Part 2 comprises a substantial task that involves the preparation of a 400-word report.
Tasks need to be clearly labelled in your submission. Each task should start on a fresh page. Tables and graphs must be numbered and titled. Calculation methods should not be described: comment on the meaning or significance of the calculated values only.
2. For part 1, task 1, you need to calculate the 2 missing values (Sum and Variance) using a calculator. The values must be inserted into the table found under the tab labelled Task 1. The completed table must be copied into the Word document. Short comments need to be providedon the findings.
For part 1, task 2, you need to complete three tables in Excel. The first should show the frequencies and percentage frequencies. The second should show the ‘max in class’, cumulative frequencies and percentage cumulative frequencies. The third should be prepared to find the mean and standard deviation. Short comments need to be provided under points 2 and 3.
For part 1, task 3, you need to discuss the various concepts, provide examples and justify your recommendation. One reference needs to be provided for task 3. The source needs to be cited in the text and listed in a bibliography. The Harvard referencing style must be used.
Part 1, task 4 requires the construction of a network diagram to reveal the project’s critical path and duration. The difference between critical and non-critical activities should be discussed.
For part 1, task 5, you need to use an appropriate Excel function to create a correlation matrix to show the relationship coefficients between all relevant variables. The best predictor of the quarterly Sales Revenue (£’000) is identified and the reason for its selection is justified. A titled, well-labelled scatter graph, with the trend, regression equation and coefficient of determination, is presented. The regression equation is stated in context (i.e. using variable names rather than x and y). The relationship and the various coefficients are explained in context.
Part 1, Task 6 requires the evaluation of expected returns and relative risk. The least risky project should be identified.
Part 1, Task 7 requires a short, reflective commentary, written in a first-person narrative.
Part 2 requires the preparation of a 400-word report to advise management on procedure, costs,
breakeven and target quantities and safety margins
Required Excel output, i.e. tables and graphs, needs to be copied into your Word document and presented alongside the comments and / or report.
Comment on the facts only: avoid speculations and generalisations. Comments must be supported by the evidence and show units of measurement, where appropriate.
MN4063QA Understanding and Managing Data July21 Intake
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