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Locate an open recovery or support group in your local community. Attend one of

by | Feb 13, 2022 | Psychology and Education : Psychology | 0 comments

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Locate an open recovery or support group in your local community. Attend one of the group’s meeting. The group can be for any type of substance or process addiction and does not have to be a 12-step meeting. It does however need to be a support group to help with the recovery from any addictive disorder. Ensure that the meeting is considered “open” prior to attending it. If the group has a chair person or leader, it may be helpful to introduce yourself and the purpose for attending prior to the meeting. It is also important to ensure that you maintain confidentiality of the participants involved in the meeting. 
Important Note:  It is not appropriate to take notes while in the group session, so please refrain and just take notes for yourself immediately after the meeting.
Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words that summarizes your experience at the meeting. Be sure to include important concepts presented in the meeting while maintaining the privacy of all group participants. Include the following in your paper:
Identify the type of group you attended. Describe the format of the meeting that you attended.
Based on your observations during the meeting, identify the impact of a substance use disorder or behavioral addiction on an individual’s life. Reflect on the problems identified in the meeting attended.
List at least two recovery-oriented goals of two members and examples of how these members/participants were engaged in their recovery goals to maintain sobriety and/or recovery of behavioral addiction.
Discuss how and why a referral to a support group/meeting can support achievement of mental health counseling goals. When considering level of severity of symptoms as related to the current version of the DSM diagnosis, what diagnostic level(s) may be the most appropriate for referral to these groups and why?
Reflect on your meeting experience. Discuss how experiencing recovery stories has impacted your perception of individuals experiencing substance use disorders. Discuss your role as a clinical mental health counselor to support clients experiencing symptoms of substance use disorders and/or their family members.

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