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You are to locate one research article from a peer-reviewed journal. The article

by | Feb 13, 2022 | Other : Article Critique | 0 comments

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You are to locate one research article from a peer-reviewed journal. The article may or may not be one that you will ultimately use in writing your literature review. The specific topic of the article is unimportant. There is no specific ‘format’ for the assignment, simply develop a 1-page “critique” of the article, presented narratively. The purpose of the assignment is to ensure that you understand the process of critiquing and are not employing summarization skills. This is an activity designed to prepare you to construct the literature review, which is an informed critique of the literature, not a summarization. You DO NOT need to submit the article you use for the assignment, but please provide the citation for the article on the title page of the assignment.
Dissecting a Topic: Example
Example: I want to study how taking a 6 week summer course on research skills might affect the confidence levels of students starting college.
Introduction: what are the current levels of research skills that students have? Are the satisfactory? Is there a measurement of this? What is the potential consequence of not addressing this?
Literature review: Relevant subtopics/themes include
1)student confidence/self efficacy (proves that self-efficacy is important for academic success);
Gaps in the literature and the
“perfect source”
Exploratory Research: Narrowing broad interests into specific, narrow topics
Advanced Database Search Tips
Key points
1. The literature should be selected purposefully
2.The review should be critical (not summative)
3. The research should be current (5-7 years) or a justification provided
4. The researcher should distinguish between research theory and opinion
The writing is clear and thoughtful. Key points are articulated and the overall paper is presented thoughtfully and with clear direction.
The proper number of research articles are utilized, cited in the body of the paper as well as in the reference list.
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