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Answer the questions as a scenario. Use PAO for each question. Problem, Action a

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing | 0 comments

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Answer the questions as a scenario. Use PAO for each question. Problem, Action and  outcome.
1.    Practice: Practice/Ethics/Resource Utilization
Describe your experience related to:
•    Providing care to clients in a professional practice setting.
•    Applying the nursing process (assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation) to systems or processes at the unit/team/work group, and program/service level to improve care.  Indicate your experience guiding and directing others who provide care.
•    Making decisions and taking actions in an ethical manner, including your responsibility/accountability for nursing judgments and action. 
•    Safeguarding client privacy and confidentiality. Providing care in a non-judgmental, non-discriminatory manner, respecting the values and belief of members of all cultures.
•    Identifying potential problems involving resources and/or safety.  Describe how you managed the situation and the outcome.
2.    Professional Development: (Education/Career Development/Performance)
Describe your experience related to:
•    Attending educational programs to improve clinical knowledge and enhance role performance of self and others
•    Assessing educational needs to implement program or service practice changes
•    Evaluating the performance of yourself and others
•    Using professional standards of care and practice to evaluate programs and/or service activities
Applicant Experience:
3.    Collaboration: (Collaboration/Collegiality)
Describe your experience related to:
•    Collaborating with others to identify, analyze, and resolve problems affecting care using the group process.
•    Serving as a preceptor and/or mentor
•    Establishing professional relationships with peers and seeking out colleagues for mutual information exchange.
•    Making sustained contributions to the professional development of peers, colleagues, and others by sharing your expertise within and/or outside the health care facility
Applicant Experience:
4.    Scientific Inquiry: (Quality of Care and Research)
Describe your experience related to:
•    Systematically evaluating and improving the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice and health care delivery
•    Identifying a problem area in nursing practice.
•    Initiating/participating in quality improvement that result in improved outcomes at the unit and program level
•    Using research to validate and/or change work group practice
•    Collaborating with others in research activities to improve care
Applicant Experience:

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