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Assignment Description:<
With the healthcare industry constantly changing it

by | Feb 14, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Assignment Description:<
With the healthcare industry constantly changing it is essential that leaders be able to effectively convey their ideas in a clear and concise manner to those they supervise. <
In the Unit 1 Assignment you will develop and introduce an innovative strategy to help propel an organization or department to a higher level (specific idea required). This will be only one specific idea. This essay must be impressive enough to inspire others to become champions of this cause. This is not about creating a new organization or suggesting things like universal healthcare which is outside of our individual control rather identifying a specific idea to move an organization or department to a higher level of success. Many of you may not have any work experience in the healthcare field to draw from for this assignment, that is understandable. Remember, this course is about professional writing using skills such as developing ideas, focusing on detail, composing effective well written documents that will be able to be used when you begin your healthcare career. So if you are currently employed, it may be helpful to just use your department at work and develop an idea based on your knowledge of the current issues at your place of employment. You might begin by simply mentally brainstorming things that could be implemented at your place of employment that would propel the company forward. It could be introducing new products or technology or could be resolving a current work problem. Are they failing to do things that would help the company grow and if so your idea may come from what you see they neglect doing or are they actually doing things that are hurting the department such that certain changes would positively affect the company. There may be problems such as poor training and orientation, lack of needed staff to get the job done, no employee motivation, no consistency in enforcing policies, lack of effective marketing strategies to build revenue, lack of team building, lack of needed technology to move the company forward in a changing market. You may have ideas on how to streamline work and make things run faster and smoother. These are just a few examples of areas to think about when developing your innovative idea to move the company/department forward. The first step is to identify your idea for change to propel the company forward. Remember, you will only be presenting one idea not numerous so narrow your focus to one specific idea. The idea needs to be specific and not general. If you indicate for example that we need to implement more technology specifically what technology are you suggesting and how will that improve/propel the organization forward. Next you will research references that can help support your idea. Then your next step is to discuss why this idea is important for change. The next step you will propose the actual steps you recommend taking to effectively implement your idea. It is best to focus on just one or two things you can actually do to implement the idea. Having too many steps to implement an idea can be challenging so for purposes of the assignment focus on one or two. Finally, you will identify what leadership traits will be necessary to effectively implement your idea. Here we are talking about the personality traits a leader would need to be able to implement the idea. The essay must be a minimum of three full pages of content in length excluding appendix, title and reference page. There is no abstract required for this assignment. You must submit the following for references: minimum of 5 references less than 5 years since publication. Wikipedia or dictionary websites are not acceptable references. This assignment requires appropriate spelling, grammar, use of the current APA format and APA style of writing.<
All submissions MUST use the following subheadings in the paper. Submissions without the subheadings will not be accepted. When completing subheading each one should be written exactly as they are listed below: <
Specific Idea for Change<
Why this Idea is Important for Change<
Steps/Strategies to Implement Idea for Change (limit to one or two steps/strategies and include time frames for implementing the idea)<
Leadership Traits Necessary to Implement Idea

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