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ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION / STRUCTURE: In figure 9.1.2 of Introduction to Oceanogra

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Environmental Studies | 0 comments

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ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION / STRUCTURE: In figure 9.1.2 of Introduction to Oceanography by Paul Webb (2020) [image attached]: Choose a current and do some research.
– Chosen current: (The Peru/Humboldt Current).
-While researching the Humboldt Current System take note on the following: (Subtropical gyre, equatorial undercurrent, Peru-Chile undercurrent, oxygen minimum zone, three different kinds of upwelling, etc. found on Wikipedia).
– Describe Physical Features of Humboldt Current.
– Describe chemical features of Humboldt Current.
– Describe biological features of Humboldt Current.
– Describe what type of current it is: (Largest upwelling system in the world: Eastern boundary current / cold ocean current with low salinity. Flows in the north-west direction along the coast of South America).
– Describe what drives the circulation: (Driven by strong winds which displace the warm and nutrient poor surface water, allowing the cold Antarctic waters to rise to the surface, causing upwelling).
– Describe what the vertical and horizontal patterns of circulation is in the Peru Continent: (Ekman transport: Ekman suction or ‘upwelling’ and Ekman pumping ‘downwelling’ … Influence of Coriolis effect).
– Describe influence of El Nino on the productivity of the Humboldt Current System.
– Explain some of the creatures that live in this area (or specifically in the current if they are planktonic drifters. We already know that ocean currents play a key role in determining how the ocean distributes heat energy throughout the planet and can regulate and stabilize climate patterns).
– Did you learn anything about the Humboldt Current System that is important for global scale phenomena?
– What is the closest marine sanctuary or protected area near the Humboldt Current?
– 2-4 pages in length (not including the title and reference page).
– Minimum of 2 academic resources (in addition to textbook).
– 12 pt. Timluves New Roman
– APA Format

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