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How to Apply for a Grant You now have a compelling problem/need statement writte

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Law : Public administration | 0 comments

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How to Apply for a Grant
You now have a compelling problem/need statement written, so you’re well on your way to applying for that grant. But the funders are going to need a lot more information than what you put in those few paragraphs.
Now you need to find out more of the specifics that you’ll need to put into the actual grant application. At this stage you will need to complete two things:
Choose one of the funders identified in the first part of the course to do some additional research on and create a list of required items to apply for that grant.
Develop goals and objectives for the program that can be used in the grant application.
Part 1
Research the application requirements for two of the funders identified at the beginning of the course. In a Word document, write 1–2 paragraphs on why you believe each funder has the requirements they do, what, if any, differences there are in application requirements, and what might account for those differences.
Part 2
You will develop clear goals that define what the Resource Center intends to accomplish through the development of the tutorial program, as well as establish measurable objectives that will highlight your organization’s progress toward established goals.
The goals and objectives provide an assessment of the tutorial program’s success to both the organization and the funder. When goals and objectives are not clearly defined, it can not only have an impact on the program’s outcomes, but it can also impact negatively program staff, participants, and funders.
Based on the problem statement you created, you’ll want to answer the following questions:
What are the key areas of the nonprofit are you seeking to change?
Who (which segment of the population or community) will be affected or involved with the change?
How will the change be measured (an increase or improvement, or a decrease and reduction)? And by how much?
When will this change take place? Months? Years? Or by what specific date?
Use the template, Worksheet 4.1A – Goals and Objectives in Winning Grants Step by Step to develop goals and objectives by focusing on outcomes. First, develop a general goal for the program, then describe the objectives that tie to that goal. Use one of these tables for each goal you have:
Objective 1
Objective 2
Objective 3
Direction of change
Area of change
Target population
Degree of change
Time frame
Follow this standard form as objective statements are developed: To (direction of change) + (area of change) + (target population) + (degree of change) + (time frame).
As you fill out these Goals and Objective tables, keep the following questions in mind:
Are the goals stated as results? Doo they relate to the problem statement? Do they represent the key changes the organization hopes to see?
Are the outcome objectives stated as results that relate to a program goal? Are they stepping stones to achieving success (the goal)? Can everyone understand them?
Can progress in meeting the objectives be measured and assessed?
Do the objectives describe the population and a specific time frame for change?

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