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In an ideal healthcare delivery system, all patients would have access to afford

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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In an ideal healthcare delivery system, all patients would have access to affordable, high-quality health services that are well coordinated to ensure the continuity and comprehensiveness of care. Patients may have different experiences based on their health problem or injury, the organizations that provide services close to where they live, and how the health services they need are financed.
Imagine that a 70-year old man has hypertension and diabetes in Autaugaville, Alabama. After a visit to the nearest emergency room, he is diagnosed with a stroke. Now think about how his situation might compare with that of a 70-year-old woman in Gilbert, Arizona, diagnosed with ovarian cancer and must have her ovaries removed. Both patients have received diagnosis from their respective care providers and must be admitted to a hospital for inpatient care. What services will he need through the duration of his recovery experience? How might the two patients’ experiences compare in terms of care coordination and the continuity and comprehensiveness of services they receive? Where will they receive care? Research Medicare’s Hospital Compare to research data related to their diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. Compare three hospitals and based on your findings…
Assignment Instructions
For this assignment, you will examine the continuum of care a patient may need, research the services available in your area to support the patient, and evaluate information needs. Review information about continuum of care and coordination among various health services, and the concept of integrated healthcare. Your assignment will include a written report and PowerPoint presentation.
In a 2-page report:
Answer the questions in the scenario.
Assume the patients in the scenario live near your local area. Assess potential available services, based on their healthcare needs. Analyze specific services the patient might need, beginning with the onset or diagnosis of an illness or injury and concluding with an end-point of your choosing (i.e., recovery, symptom management, end of life).
Research the types of organizations that provide those services
Based on the services for patient needs, select at least three actual settings in which he/she would receive care.
Gather information related to the types of insurance each organization accepts. Typically, this would include Medicare, Medicaid, and various types of insurance programs. What challenges related to payment for services do you anticipaluvte your selected patient may experience?

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