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Please explain your desire to enter the social work field. Why do you want to be

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Please explain your desire to enter the social work field. Why do you want to become a social
I just always knew in my future career I wanted to help people but after finding the nursing classes not
being a good fit
for myself I believe social work will be a better fit for myself be cause there are manydiffernet communities
I will be able to help. Im most interested in helping children either through adoption or CPS. I would also
Love to help veterans as many people in my family are veterans. I have also had many people in my family
Struggle with addiction.
What personal qualities equip you for the social work profession? Discuss your experiences and
feelings about working with populations different from your own.
I am a empathetic and compassionate person, I am also very patient I grew up with all boys so I had to patient to get any words in or to get a turn for anything. My religion in christianity has also helped to build this desire to help society and be of service. It has also help form many of my core values. I was always taught from my family it is important to be respectful of other people this means relaizing every person has worth and we should treat them as if they are members of our own family, because someone somewhere is worried sick for their wellbeing.
What personal challenges might you face as a future social worker? How will you address those
I have no idea what to put for this one.
What significant relationships and life experiences (personal and/or professional)
have you had in giving or receiving help that has motivated you to enter the field of social
Also no clue really what to put here my cousin is autistic so I could at some point get into helping children or adults with disabilities.
What social problem most concerns you? What have you done in the pas
t to support this interest and/or how do you plan to use your social work education to address this
I havent done any volunteering realy because my main focus was on nursing for so long.
I want this ↓ at the beginning of my essay
When I first started going to college the most important characteristic of my future career was that I wanted to help people. This led me to choose nursing as my future degree plan. After taking most of my basics and some of the prerequisites for the nursing program I found it very difficult to get interested into those classes. After a lot of deliberating I found a different career path where I believe I will be able to help people and classes for the degrluvee I believe I will enjoy.

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