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You are the Operation’s Captain in charge of all patrol and investigative functi

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Criminal law | 0 comments

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You are the Operation’s Captain in charge of all patrol and investigative functions of your police department, you have 5 Patrol Supervisors & 25 Patrol Officers, one Detective Supervisor & 5 Detectives, One All-source Analyst (also the Analyst Supervisor), one strategic analyst, and one tactical analyst.
There have been 150 tips that have come in since you set up a tip-line 72 hours ago
Your community has a population of 35,000 in the town of Anywhere, Florida.
Historically the burglary rate in your town has been minimal for the last 5 years, in the last 3 months there have been 32 break-ins to private homes during daylight and nighttime hours in your community. Until now they’ve been handled as individual events but now you are going to change that using what we’ve learned in class so far
This assignment will require you to
Part 1) Articulate all INFORMATION you want to be collecting, and why (information can consist of technical, observations, video, audio, social media, prior cases, witnesses, tips etc.)
Part 2) How are you going to MANAGE all this Information?
Part 3) How are you going to take this information and turn it into INTELLIGENCE regarding the community threat (spiked break-ins)
Part 4) How will you use this intelligence to DEVELOP OPERATIONAL RESPONSES vs. the threat (burglar(s)/break-ins) to mitigate/capture them.
The above will demonstrate the following:
1. Understand ILP Strategic Priorities, Intelligence Requirements and Collection Plan
2. Demonstrate how identifying threats through intelligence process assists in operational responses
Again: There is no wrong or right answer as long as you demonstrate viable responses – the goal is for you to start thinking and performing in fashion to:
Manage Intelligence Functions and employ them for an operational response to target a law enforcement threat
Use at least three graduate level sources/references, and less than 10% quotations. Please observe the following guidelines:
* APA 7 format will be used, with in-text citations. Include references.
* Submit as in text into the assignment box
* Proper Paragraphs
* Proper Sentences
* Titles/Headings for each individual requirement
Please submit this assignment in Canvas by Wednesday February 16, 2022
Grading – 75% is on if you have addressed the four requirements, 25% is on grammar, structure, formatting, APA compliance, graduate level writing, and less than 10% quotations.
Please detaluvil and expand on questions

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