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The aim of this report is for the students to be able to apply their acquired kn

by | Mar 20, 2022 | Criminal justice | 0 comments

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The aim of this report is for the students to be able to apply their acquired knowledge to the module. The focus is to be able to understand how theory and research are important for current events.
Please choose a current social movement to investigate drawing on the theoretical and analytical tools you have gained on the module.Chosen social movement: Anti black- “Black Lives Matter”
These are suggestions of things you could include where relevant not a suggestion for a structure or questions you have to answer).-Introduction (the movement, its major concerns, its members, its size and reach).
-Contextual events that gave rise to the emergence of this social movement (e.g. social or political injustice, changes in the national/global economic, social or political context
-The aims and objectives of the social movement
-The theoretical underpinnings of the movement. What is the fundamental belief system the movement lends itself to e.g. humanitarian, anti-racist, feminist, environmentalist?
-The historical and/or international context of the movement. Does it resemble other historical social movements? How is it different?
-The implications of the success of the movement on local/ global social justice and crime issues?
-How successful is the movement in achieving its goals? -What are the obstacles?
-Why is it important to its members, to the people it represents, to the world?
-Who is likely to oppose, openly opposes or has opposed the movement?
-What strategies have been used to undermine the movement and by whom?
-Are members in any danger?
-Is such a movement needed elsewhere and why? Provide an example.
-The future of the movement?
-Where the movement stands currently? Has it been effectiveMarking Criteria:
• Overall (writing style, critical thinking, referencing, clarity) the report will be marked with the same marking criteria as the essays.
• The structure of this option will look different; therefore, students will be marked on their ability to remain succinct and clear throughout the report.
• Students are expected to use a combination of resources, including media (news, TV, social media).
• Students will be assessed on their choice of media outlets (e.g. The Sun vs The Guardian).
– Make sure to reference properly and refer back to the main topic

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