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You will prepare a short written report covering three areas below (300 word lim

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You will prepare a short written report covering three areas below (300 word limit for each).Part 1: Search for and summarise existing products and patents that relate to the research project/idea.This is aimed to showed novelty in the intellectual property relating to your project/idea.
Part 2: Propose steps that will help to develop the research finding from project/idea to product. This should address the key question of what needs to be done for the research findings and intellectual property to be commercialised – what is the current state of the research and what are the next steps to develop this research? For example, is the project at a concept stage where more experimental work needs to be done? Is it developed to the stage where prototype building of a product is needed? Is the experimental work laboratory based, and clinical trials are needed to prove efficacy? The suggested next steps should be feasible (using established and accessible methods, techniques, equipment), and should include costing and timelines.
Part 3: Research industries and identify businesses or companies who could act as industry partners to commercialise your intellectual property, and justify why these partners would be most appropriate.Your justification should consider the benefits (e.g. social, economic, environmental, health benefits) of your project/idea to the overall industry and to the specific industry partner(s) identified.This will also involve researching the industry/company strategies, costing your project and the revenue streams of your industry partner(s) of interest to ensure that it is within their budget scale,and discussing how intellectual property will be managed amongst the various parties involved in the commercialisation process.

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