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American Public Rainwater Treatment Initiative Access to Clean Water: Renewable

by | Mar 22, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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American Public Rainwater Treatment Initiative
Access to Clean Water: Renewable Energy and
Water Treatment
Formal research reports and analytical reports are produced in academia and in many professions. They range from very short (800 words) to quite long (6000 or more words). Typically, these reports include an introduction, a methodology, an empirical research or data section, a discussion of results in conversation with other published studies, and a conclusion with recommendations.
For this assignment, your Research Report will be based on empirical research that your student team conducts, and it will follow the traditional format of IMRD (Intro, Methods, Results, Discussion). You will conduct all work as a group, except for writing the final version of the research paper.
You will write this Research Report to provide data and analysis on some gaps or unknowns related to your Proposal’s engineering-related solution. The report will answer the research question(s) developed by your student working group. Your report should examine the existing scholarly literature on the subject, collect original data, present findings, and draw conclusions that answer or help to answer your investigation question.
The process of conducting empirical research includes the following steps, which are shown within the section of the Research Report they are part of:
State a topic that has to do with an issue.
Write a short Literature Review on the “conversation” about that topic, demonstrating what research has already been done on it or in a related domain(s). Explain how the existing literature on the subject relates to your study — that is, cite related scholarly, peer-reviewed and trade sources.
Develop a research question that fills in the gap to some unknown(s) related to your Proposal project
Design a method by which you can answer the question.
May have these subsections: Population/Sample; Materials/Instruments; Procedure.
Communicate main findings/data.
Analyze the data collected.
Relate your findings to other published sources.
Establish the answer to your question and examine the usefulness or implications of your findings in terms of your Proposal project.
Your Research Report must include:
A minimum of 5 scholarly sources
A title page
An abstract
2 visuals with captions
Whatever appendices are needed to support your recommendations
These elements above are not counted toward the word count requirement. A Table of Contents page is optional.
The introduction should establish the question or hypothesis and discuss the context of your work in a literature review. The methodology should precisely and accurately describe how you gather data that will answer your research question. The results section should display your data logically and clearly, using visuals where appropriate. The Discussion section establishes how the new data fits with existing data, emphasizing logical relationships, discussing the study’s limitations, and defining areas for further research. If a Conclusion is also written, the conclusion provides a “big picture” statement on how the findings inform your Proposal – or more broadly, how your findings might broadly impact the research field, engineering design, or engineering practice.
IEEE citation styles (Writing the entire paper in IEEE manuscript form is

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