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1. Write a summary of the study/experiment that is between 150-200 words long <<

by | Mar 24, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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1. Write a summary of the study/experiment that is between 150-200 words long
2. The summary must include your chosen topic at the very top, by itself (one of the topics provided in the assignment introduction on canvas), the main ideas of the article, details about the study/experiment discussed in the article (i.e. research design, number of participants, research question, data analysis, results), and a link to the article. NOTE: NO LITERATURE REVIEWS, SURVEYS, DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH, CORRELATIONS, CASE STUDIES, POLLS, OR META-ANALYSES. They are very informative but not good for this particular assignment. Please only discuss one study or experiment.
3. This is not a formal, formatted paper. No need for citations, references, etc, only need the direct link to the article. Think of it as a journal entry.
4. No direct quotes or copied and pasted text from the article are allowed.
5. be clear about your topic choice (of the five given) by putting it at the top of your submission, by itself.
6. be selective about what kind of article you choose. The article you choose must include a specific study/experiment that is used as the basis for the article. It is always best if the authors are the ones that conducted the study or experiment. This is the most important part of this assignment. Do not choose an article that provides basic information about the topic. For instance, if you choose Learning, you need to find a research article that connects Learning and some other factor, like poverty, for example, and performs a study related to those concepts. Another example being too general would be using articles from the “help center” section of the APA website. When describing the cutting edge research found in your article, give details about the study – design, number of participants/subjects, results, etc. There is a lot of general information about these topics on the website but choose articles that discuss cutting edge research regarding the topic. One rule of thumb is that if I can find the info in the article in the course textbook or a textbook for General Psychology, then the article is too general. The other key is if the article never even mentions your topic as a key concept, it’s best to find another article.
7. Questions you want to be sure to answer in the summary: (is the experiment directly relevant to my topic? Who did the research? Where (which university, hospital, organization etc)? How many participants (human or animals)? What did they do to come up with their results/finding (research design)? What were the results and how are they relevant?

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