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500 words.
To complete the reaction paper for t

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500 words.

To complete the reaction paper for this assignment:

– Complete your analysis of two women’s lives, developing one full paragraph on each woman that provides a snap shot into their lives drawn primarily from the primary source we looked at in class.

-What unanswered questions remain after analyzing this primary source? How could you use research skills to delve deeper?

– How did this assignment shape your perception of this topic?

Marriage Records.

September 12, 1865, marked the beginning of a newly found joyful journey for Jerry Jackson and Susan Davis as these two were awarded their marriage certificate on the said date. Susan who was 16 years old, obtained her mother’s consent to be married to Jackson who was 25. Both were residents of Pike County, Arkansas, with children prior to their marriage.

Freedmen’s Labor Records

Fanny Britton was 41 years old when her entire family was recruited into a system between January 1865 and January 1868, when her husband Bryton Britton (44), son Jim (17), daughter Susan (13), and three youngest children were all entered into a labor contract with James Bond. Preparing to be moved from Charlotte, North Carolina to Brownsville, Tennessee to work for James Bond. The nature of the work arrangement was absolutely unknown to Fanny and her family.

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