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Assignment Overview<
Unit 5 – Individual Project<
Deliverable Length

by | Mar 27, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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Assignment Overview<
Unit 5 – Individual Project<
Deliverable Length: 800-1000 word count<
Danny is a 22-year-old college student, who has been<
brought into your office by his parents. Danny has<
agreed to let his parents be involved in his counseling.<
You first meet with Danny’s parents who explain to you<
that Danny has never been involved in counseling prior<
to this incident. They stated they felt his problems were<
not serious enough to bring him into counseling.<
His mother reports that Danny can be the real life of the<
party and that most people find him very charismatic.<
She says that there was one incident in which Danny<
tried to harm himself due to a girlfriend cheating on<
him. She said that her husband felt that it was a pretty<
typical response for an adolescent. She said lately he<
has been staying up late playing video games and<
getting on the average of 2-3 hours of sleep per night.<
She said she worries about his lack of sleep but he<
doesn’t seem to show any signs that the lack of sleep is<
impacting his ability to function normally. He is currently<
getting all A’s in his college courses, but his recent<
incident has jeopardized his place at the university.<
Danny comes into the office and explains to you that the<
whole incident is a big misunderstanding. He said to you<
that he doesn’t want to come to counseling because he<
is not crazy. He said his parents and the college<
administrators are requiring that he comes in for<
evaluation and commits to the recommendations of the<
counselor regarding if there is a need for therapy.<
You ask him to tell you a little bit about the incident that<
caused him to come into your office. He explains to you<
that he really likes fast cars, but his parents don’t have a<
lot of money. He said he received a scholarship to a<
private university due to his outstanding grades. He said<
the only problem is that the other kids have a lot of<
money and can afford the items that he desperately<
wants but can’t afford. He said he saw another student<
leave his car running in the parking lot and went into the<
student center building. He said he was feeling like he<
was on top of the world and this was his golden<
opportunity to take that car for a spin. He said he had<
no plans for stealing the car, he was merely taking it for<
a test drive. When Danny came back to the building,<
campus security was interviewing the owner of the car.<
When he tried to explain to the other student and<
campus security he was taking it for a quick test drive,<
he was escorted into the building to talk to the<
administration. Since it’s a small private university, the<
student and administrators agreed not to press charges<
but he was placed on probation and had to commit to<
psych evaluation as well as following any<
recommendations made regarding therapy.<
When you were speaking to Danny, you asked him if he<
was really trying to steal the car. He replies to you how<
dumb would he be to take the car back to the scene of<
the crime if he really had intended to steal the car. Then<
you ask him if he ever feels depressed. He says of<
course he does but he believes everyone has weeks or<
months where they just feel sad. You try to get him to<
engage further in the discussion, but he says he’s not<
here for you to diagnose him with depression. The<
session ends, now you need to figure out his diagnosis<
and treatment recommendations.<
Part 1: Please use the DSM-5 to research further about<
each disorder below and choose one diagnosis that<
would best fit the scenario provided above and explain<
why? Support your answer using information from the<
DSM-5 and the scenario.<
Bipolar Disorder<
• Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)<
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)<
• Anti-Social Personality Disorder<
Part 2: Based on the diagnosis you made in part 1,<
please also address the following questions:<
• What differential diagnosis do you need to<
consider in this scenario?<
• What further questions would you want to ask<
Danny to make a proper diagnosis?<
• What type of treatment recommendations would<
you make for Danny and why? Please support<
your answer with information from DSM-5<
Please cite the DSM-5 and any other resources used in<
proper APA style. For more information on accessing the<
DSM-5 in the library please review How to Access DSM-5<
and/or watch this video.<

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