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Your assignment is to read, discuss, and evaluate a professional research articl

by | Mar 29, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Your assignment is to read, discuss, and evaluate a professional research article focused on a specific sociological issue. You must choose from one of the articles in the “essay 1 articles” folder on BlackBoard. There are specific sections covered in professional research articles and your task is to briefly discuss these sections and evaluate them. Your paper should be at least 3-4 pages in length.
< In your essay, please answer all of the following questions: < What is the title of the article? Who is (are) the author(s) of the article? What is the name of the professional journal the article was published in? What was the date of publication? < 1. Statement of the Problem < What is the research problem? What is the author investigating? < 2. Literature Review < What reference does the author make to previous research on this topic? Briefly discuss the previous research findings that are mentioned in the article. < 3. Variables < What are the major variables in the study? What are the specific issues being investigated? < 4. Hypothesis/Hypotheses < What are the authors’ hypotheses? < 5. Research Design: < Describe how the actual scientific research was conducted. < 1) Sample: Who are the specific individuals included in the study? How many individuals were included in the study? What were the sampling techniques? < 2) Research Method: What method(s) was used for collecting the data? < 3) Implementation and Conclusion of Research < When and where was the data collected? Who collected the data? < If applicable, what type of statistical analysis was used? How was the data analyzed? (you may not understand all of the information in the section on statistical analysis, therefore, you may have some quoting in this section). < 6. Conclusions < What conclusions were drawn from this study? Were the hypotheses supported? If the hypotheses are not supported is there an explanation for this? < 7. Criticisms < Does the study appear to be thoroughly planned? How could the study be improved? You may mention the criticisms that the author/researcher discusses BUT you will also want to think about other ways in which you think the study could be improved). < < Please submit your completed assignment using the TurnItIn link on BlackBoard < Tips for Essay 1: < For your first paper assignment, you must read and discuss an article from a sociological journal. Reading academic journals is a difficult but very important part of college education, no matter what field you study. Scientific writing is often dense and difficult and filled with obscure language. You will have to read your chosen article several times and look up any words that are new to you. With practice and patience, however, you can learn to make sense of any article. < There are tricks, however, to make the reading easier. Almost all scientific articles–whether from the social or physical sciences–follow a similar structure, one that mirrors the scientific method. They will move through these steps in order: 1) define the problem, 2) review the literature, 3) describe the researchers’ method and hypotheses, 4) lay out the findings, and 5) summarize the research and propose the next steps.

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