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ENGL 305 – Technical Writing THE GRAPHIC MEMO ASSIGNMENT STEP 1: The Graphic Mem

by | Apr 16, 2022 | IT & Technology | 0 comments

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ENGL 305 – Technical Writing
STEP 1: The Graphic Memo – DRAFT #1
You will begin the process of conducting research that you will present in a several formats over the coming weeks
Select a social or technical issue that interests you.
• Make a claim and support that claim with evidence.
• Address the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of the issue.
• Cite the source of your evidence.
• Provide an explanation as to why the evidence supports your claim.
Select your research topic and send me an email detailing your choice
• You will present your initial thesis statement
• One well-written complete sentence
• You will tell me what data you hope to find as support
• Follow the Best Practices for business emails
STEP 2: Gather the Basic Data to Support Your Research Topic
Refine your research topic
• Develop a more focused approach to this small assignment
• Prepare a focused Research Question that clearly states your proposed thesis • This should be one good sentence that serves as your Research Question
Submit as an email to me
• Use standard business email format
• Include Subject Line
• Include description in email body to explain the purpose of your email
• Include your refined Research Question
Begin collecting the actual data you will use to support your claim
• At least two sources of evidence
• Reliable, trustworthy sources
STEP #3: Graphic Memo – 1st Draft Version
You will compose a well-written, professional business memorandum addressed to me that makes a claim, provides graphical evidence to support that claim, and offers an explanation as to why the data support your claim.
Assignment Criteria
• Proper business memorandum that follows Best Practices discussed
• Maximum of two pages
Data Set
• Find two different sources of supporting data
• Present your data in some graphical manner
Narrative Explanation
• Explain how the data support your thesis
Submit as Microsoft Word document
1. State your CLAIM
2. Provide at least two pieces of EVIDENCE to support that claim.
3. Provide the REASONING that explains how the evidence supports your claim.
Your Graphic Memo must include the following components:
• A brief description of the overall topic of your memo
• Your Thesis Statement (your position, view, opinion, argument, point-of-view, claim) • Data presented in a graphical format that supports your topic and your Thesis • Chart, graph, table — this is the evidence that supports your claim
• A well-written explanation of the data
• What it really says
• Why does it support your Thesis
• You must cite the origins of your data
• You must use at least two sources for your data
• Include the source data in your memo

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