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6 pp. double-spaced (1500 words) + images + references due Apr 8In this paper, w

by | Apr 17, 2022 | Communications&Media | 0 comments

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6 pp. double-spaced (1500 words) + images + references due Apr 8In this paper, which is addressed to a non-academic audience, you describe the history, development, structure, logic, and main uses of one visual communication medium. Imagine your reader: a younger, college-bound sibling, or your parent(s) or a friend–someone who wants to know what you learn in college and is not themselves into communication. You answer: “Here is one thing I learned, how one of these old communication media came into existence that we completely take for granted. It’s a really interesting story. I’ll tell you about its history, how it functions, what it does for us, and where we would be without it.” In other words, you write for a curious, non-academic audience and try to keep their attention, but you also give them solid (scholarly) information. And you make your choice of communication studies as your major or of a communication class look worthwhile. Like any informative paper of this kind, your paper should include illustrations (images with captions, however many you think it needs). The medium can be one of those that the class covers (see the syllabus) or one that it does not (in which case you should clear your choice with the TA or professor). If your medium of choice is discussed in class after the due date of the paper, you will be provided with course materials (slides etc.) once you begin work on your paper. While you should explain the medium as a whole and in general, your paper should be centered around one specific version of the medium: What can we learn from punk fashion about fashion? How did the alphabet (rather than writing in general) develop? What design problems do stove control panels pose and how have designers solved them? Your paper should have this structure:Introduction: which medium your paper is about, why it is interesting, and what importance it has for human societies
History: how did the medium first come into existence, what prior medium did it build on (if any), in what context, and what problems did it solve? How did it change over time, if at all? (This could also be included in section 4.) Include one or two specific stories that illustrate this history.
‘Logic’: How does the medium function? What kinds of meanings does it communicate, and how? Use examples!
Conclusion: Where would we be without the medium?
References: in MLA format.

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