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For your Midterm, you will write an essay in MLA format on one of the following

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For your Midterm, you will write an essay in MLA format on one of the following topics:Option 1. How is the subject of love treated in the works of literature which we have read this semester?Option 2. How does the gender of the writer shape a work of literature?You should think out and organize your answer ahead of time, preparing your thesis sentence and an outline of the main points of your argument. You should also prepare a list of the examples and direct quotations from your textbook which you will use in the body of your essay. Please limit yourself to your textbook and a dictionary when you write the essay. Do not “research” the question on the internet–I want to know your ideas, not other people’s ideas!Answer the question in a clear thesis sentence. Support your answer (your thesis) with evidence from at least three different texts that we have read from different periods and cultures. Build your supporting argument with concrete evidence that includes details, specific examples, and direct quotations. Length should be approximately three pages double-spaced.Some of the stories we have read are the following:
1.) One thousand and one nights
2.) The pain tree
3.) Euripedes’ Medea
4.)GilgameshCheck-list of required essay components:TitleIntroductionEffective openingThesis SentenceBody ParagraphsTopic sentences and transitional phrasesArgument supporting the thesisEvidence for the argument (examples, details, direct quotations), with sources cited using parenthetical citation (author page) in MLA format.(Remember that in MLA format, each source that you cite should correspond to an item in your Works Cited.)ConclusionRestatement of the thesisClosureWorks CitedAt the end of your paper, on a separate page, list the works you used, in alphabetical order by author’s last name, using MLA format. (Remember to use hanging indents in the Works Cited page.)

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