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HiNotes about the essay question from lecturer – 1. Identify relevant titles in

by | Apr 17, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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HiNotes about the essay question from lecturer –
1. Identify relevant titles in the reading list. Google the topic (adding sociology).
2. Carefully consider the risks and implications. Anti-trust efforts by some states and organisations (currently the US and the EU) could potentially be very fruitful. Western commentators tend to think differently when it comes to China.
3. In general, consider whether some efforts to constrain hate speech might not deliberately bring along new forms of censorship. What about governments who use anti-fake news laws to repress dissenting voices?
4. I have touched on that topic time and again throughout the lectures, so it might make sense to go back to that.
5. Work out your own argument. There is no need to consider all the questions raised in point 2. It is just as fine to settle on selected aspects. Whatever you go for, do make sure you explain your focus in the introduction.Sources (Notes from lecturer)
The essay must rely and draw on arguments from the academic literature, primarily sociological articles and books. Media articles should only be used when you elaborate on concrete examples that require links to a reference where you have sourced specific additional information. The examples you use to make your case should go beyond the ones we have discussed in class. You should use a minimum of 10 academic sources in your essay.The number of sources you base your argument can vary widely. Most important here is the quality of your sources. Ten titles can be sufficient for a first-class essay if it is obvious in your analysis that you picked them thoughtfully. Conversely, listing a large number of sources might be meaningless if they are of little relevance and/or not sociological in their majority.- The reference format (in-text citation and Reference List) is Harvard and is used highly accurately throughout. Secondary citations are presented accurately and all items included in reference list.Thank you so much if you need anything please let me know

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