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Research Design Paper Draft Create a (10-12 page) Research Design Paper, in whic

by | Apr 17, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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Research Design Paper Draft Create a (10-12 page) Research Design Paper, in which you present your research question and discuss your plans for collecting and analyzing the data you’ll need to answer it. Your paper should show an understanding of relevant scholarly literatures (including a literature review with approximately 20 scholarly sources), illuminate the intellectual significance of the project in relation to previous scholarship, specify and develop an appropriate methodological design, and include attention to ethical issues. Papers must include a title page and bibliography, which do not count toward the paper’s length projects should use APA style. For the draft, complete a full-length (10-12 page) draft of your paper. With your paper, include a bibliography. I attached the text book and some slides.. please read what is considered a valid resource from the slides attached.its important the writer follows attachments which explains what kind of bibliographies are acceptable..Scholarly literature includes PEER-REVIEWED journal articles and BOOKS published by ACADEMIC PRESSES. Popular literature, newspaper articles, etc. are not considered scholarly sources, even though they may be useful in some ways. Dissertations, theses, and other student work are not usually cited as scholarly sources unless there is insufficient professional scholarship on a topic. Y You will need to cite 20 scholarly sources in your paper, and you will need to show an ability to distinguish scholarly sources on the basis of these criteria.The origional writer did not use proper sources (please read above to understand what sources are considered scholarly) and used magazines, newspaper articles etc…. the format is messy… alot of grammer issues and spelling…..
pls see attached paper, as well as course slides and text book that are crutial in understanding what is expected from this paper

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