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Written report presented on Word document template supplied in the additional files. Format and presentation are assessable (i.e., worth marks). Assignments are to be typed preferably in Arial 12-point font, as per the template, or an almost identical font such as Calibri, Open Sans or Helvetica. Main text must be doubled-spaced (not 1½ spaced) with wide margins. Spacing of 1½ lines is permitted only for the reference list. Single-line spacing is not permitted anywhere. Assignment text must not consist of embedded graphical objects. No tables or graphs (charts) are needed to complete the assignment properly. The supplied document template for the assignment (additional file) is formatted correctly for this assignment. Template formatting should not be modified. The original left-justified-only paragraph formatting is recommended so text is not stretched across the page by wide spacing, especially in the reference list. Headers and footers, including page numbers, must be retained and updated with your name and student number in the footer on every page.
Word limit
1,200 words
The 1,200 word limit includes all text added to the template, including main text, title, heading, headers, footers, page numbers citations and references, along with any text remaining from the original template. Thus, the word limit applies to the entire document. The word count for an assignment will be taken from the Turnitin submission, not the original document before it was uploaded. Turnitin and word-processor word-counts may differ. It is important to check the word-count according to Turnitin and fix any problem before the final submission. Assignments that are over the maximum permitted length of 1,200 words will be penalised 1 mark out of 100% for every 25 words over limit, to a maximum of 50%. For example, an assignment which is 1,300 words long will lose 4 marks out of 100%, or 1 mark out of 25. An assignment of 1,400 words will lose 2 marks out of 25, and likewise for longer assignments. Any assignment at least 2,450 words in length can score no higher than 50%.What to do
Start with the supplied research article, CASP checklist and assignment template
A research article reporting a randomised controlled trial, quantitative research can be found in the additional files along with the CASP Randomised Controlled Trials Standard Checklist and a Word document template in DOTX format. When you download the DOTX file and double-click on it, you will create a new Word DOCX file, standard Word document format. You must use the Word DOCX file created from the template to write and submit the assignment, following any instructions on that template.Assignment task
You are asked to evaluate the reporting quality of the supplied article against all 11 questions plus the appraisal summary from the CASP Randomised Controlled Trials Checklist (see the additional file). For each of the 11 CASP questions represented as numbered sections in the assignment template, select one of the ”Yes” or ”No” or ”Can’t tell” from the drop-down list. Then, for each question add a typed prose justification of your multiple-choice answer, evaluating the reporting quality of the article by clearly answering the CASP question and addressing the CASP points to consider included with the question. After answering all 11 CASP questions, complete the ”Appraisal Summary” section of the assignment template, again taking into account key points for this section in the CASP to assist your appraisal. Avoid expending words on evidence evaluation not raised in the CASP questions. No additional research is needed, and no citations or references beyond the supplied article and the CASP Randomised Controlled Trials Checklist are expected.

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