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Results -1000words Discussion – 1800 words Conclusion – 300 wordsThis question w

by | Apr 18, 2022 | Healthcare&Medicine | 0 comments

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Results -1000words
Discussion – 1800 words
Conclusion – 300 wordsThis question was considered because the UK uses a standard National Early Warning Score (NEWS2) to identify deteriorating adults. Using their initial baseline observations and regular reassessment NEWS2 has become the national standard and an effective numerical indicator for deterioration or improvement from baseline, which then informs treatment plans and easily communicates urgency to fellow clinicians – There isn’t a standard Paediatric early warning score (PEWS) – some facilities utilise their own scores – some ambulance trusts don’t use them at all instead rely on the paediatric assessment triangle and paediatric sepsis screening tools alone. Children are known to compensate well for so long but then deteriorate rapidly – could using a standard PEWS better identify these children at risk of rapid deterioration?3 databases were used – MEDLINE, CINAHL and Embase. 4 articles were identified – 3 have been attached but the 4th- Association of out of gospital paediatric early warning score with need for hospital admission in a Scottish emergency ambulance population by Corfield et Al. 2020 won’t upload? Could be emailed?For Paramedic Science BSc – I currently grade at 74% on most of my assignments

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