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Assessment OverviewYou are required to submit an analytical report examining the

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Assessment OverviewYou are required to submit an analytical report examining the current situation of your selected Australian or Global Fashion Organization or brand; and the Fashion Industry and the environment. In the introduction section, this is your opportunity to set the background of the organization. You will explore the company’s history, performance, key markets, brands, product portfolio, etc. You will map the Fashion Value Chain, review sustainability, strengths and weaknesses, Industry Analysis, Environment scan for identifying opportunities and challenges, finally, you will do TOWS analysis (Threats, opportunities, weaknesses and strength review. You will be required to conduct your own secondary research including examining industry reports, peer-reviewed articles and company websites – you should use and make reference to at least five credible secondary sources in your report.Method (How?)Step 1. Gather information by conducting secondary research:Using credible media, market and academic sources library sources, develop a background understanding of the fashion industry. Recommended sources examples include IBIS report, peer-reviewed academic articles, fashion industry media. Please note you should use a minimum of five secondary sources in your report, all should be referenced in the Harvard style.Step 2. Conduct the study of chosen fashion organization’s brands products and prices: ( CHOSEN BRAND IS ACNE STUDIOS!)Choose a fashion organization /brand and start collecting the data from websites, Industry reports, media, and peer-reviewed articlesStep 3. Collate and present information and findings:You should collate your key findings and construct a report with the following suggested structure: title page, Executive Summary; Content page; Introduction (history, markets, products-price portfolio, etc); Analysis (Fashion value chain, environment & Industry Analysis, TOWS), Conclusion and recommendation; Reference List (Harvard style) and appendices.Step 4. Write, edit and submit the report through TurnitinThe four above steps are suggestions and do not exclude alternative approaches to research, analysis and writing, or exclude other content that you feel is appropriate for the successful completion of the assignment. You will have opportunities to discuss other processes and content ideas with your tutor.Assessment CriteriaYou will be assessed on your ability to:Investigate & introduce the organization, the fashion value chain, sustainability, market and product portfolio (40% of the assignment grade).
Analysis & recommendations (40% of the assignment grade).
Reporting through efficient conduct of secondary research (10% of the assignment grade).
Report structure and presentation (10% of the assignment grade).

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