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Attached is the spreadsheet used for project EXPLORE DATA: 1. Convert raw tabula

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Attached is the spreadsheet used for project
1. Convert raw tabular data into a Table structure.
2. How many Rows and Columns are there?
3. Are there any missing (blank) columns? If so, which Columns are they and do you need to take any action?
DATA PREP: Are there any calculated columns that should be added to help with your analysis? Eg: breaking a date into Month and Year columns, etc..
EDA: Perform full exploratory data analysis by creating pivot tables and visualizations (on separate sheets). For each of the charts, include a few sentences describing the insights offered by the visualization.
DASHBOARD: Create an interactive dashboard labeled ‘Executive Sales Performance’ (on a separate sheet), that highlights the most important insights you want to communicate.
CONCLUSION: prepare a report (on another sheet) to provide an executive summary of your observation about the overall business such as sales performance of the this organization relating to overall annual sales by region, products, and gender.
Submit your work in a single excel file
Use the dataset: ‘supermarket_sales”, to do full exploratory data analysis (EDA). Just as you did in last week’s assignment, include the following.DATA DICTIONARY:
Attribute information
Invoice id: Computer generated sales slip invoice identification number
Branch: Branch of supercenter (3 branches are available identified by A, B and C).
City: Location of supercenters
Customer type: Type of customers, recorded by Members for customers using member card and Normal for without member card.
Gender: Gender type of customer
Product line: General item categorization groups – Electronic accessories, Fashion accessories, Food and beverages, Health and beauty, Home and lifestyle, Sports and travel
Unit price: Price of each product in $
Quantity: Number of products purchased by customer
Tax: 5% tax fee for customer buying
Total: Total price including tax
Date: Date of purchase (Record available from January 2019 to March 2019)
Time: Purchase time (10am to 9pm)
Payment: Payment used by customer for purchase (3 methods are available – Cash, Credit card and Ewallet)
COGS: Cost of goods sold
Gross margin percentage: Gross margin percentage
Gross income: Gross income
Rating: Customer stratification rating on their overall shopping experience (On a scale of 1 to 10)

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