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This assignment requires you to read and summarize a peer-reviewed article that

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Social Studies | 0 comments

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This assignment requires you to read and summarize a peer-reviewed article that is based on
empirical research. You must base your answers on one of the following articles. Note that this assignment
does not ask you to critique the article. Make sure that you answer each question fully while avoiding
unnecessary wordiness.Ting, L., Jacobson, J.M., & Sanders, S. (2011). Current levels of perceived stress among mental
health social workers who work with suicidal clients. Social Work, 56, 327-336.Regardless of which article you choose, the assignment must answer the questions listed below
in the order as they appear here. Do not copy the questions onto your paper; rather, number your answers to
show the questions to which they correspond. Begin your paper with the citation to the article that you have
chosen, in APA publication style (7th Edition).
1. In your own words, describe the main research question(s) that the study was designed to
answer. Is this a deductive or inductive; qualitative or quantitative?
2. List the main variables that were studied, and describe them (What are the major dependent
and independent variables in the study?)
3. Explain how the main variables were operationalized and at what level each of the main
variables were measured.
4. Describe measures that were used, and if any of the measures were scales report the name of the scales
and a brief description of all instruments including how it is administered, the length (number of items), general
scoring information and other relevant information. If you use external sources to give more information about
the scale (their developers etc.), be sure to cite the sources you use.
5. Provide information (numerical, if available) about the measure’s reliability and validity.
6. Identify the study population for this research and whether a probability or nonprobability
sampling method was used to obtain a sample. Identify the specific sampling method used, and
describe the process by which the sample was recruited and selected. Report the final sample size.
7. Give information about the study design.
8. Describe the steps the researcher(s) took to protect the participants from harm.
9. Extra Credit (not required): Summarize the answer to the main research questions according to the study’s
findings.NOTE : Please reference this book ( The practice of Research in Social Work by Rafael J. Engel Russell K. Schutt.

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