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1. Info on African Diaspora (central topic/general information) 2. Perspectives

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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1. Info on African Diaspora (central topic/general information)
2. Perspectives of the definition outlined in the scholarship of Gilroy, Harris, Gomez (information that leads to thesis)
A. Thesis Statement
1. The sharing of experiences and cultures from empirical African nations to western slaveholding society, who we were before being defined as slaves.
2. (Key points)I. Defining the African Diaspora (Body Section One)
A. Histography of African Diaspora
1. Who belongs to the African Diaspora?
2. Antiquity
3. Conceptual/methodological issuesB. The Black Atlantic
1. Global Dimensions
2. Displacements
3. Assimilation
4. Race/Identity/NationalityII. Africans and the bible
A. Africans and religion
1. Africans and the bible
2. Africans and Islam
3. Mindfulness/SpiritualityIII. African Americans in the African Diaspora
A. African Indigenous Civilizations prior to Asiatic/European Invasion
1. Problems/methodically approaches
2. New WorldB. Transatlantic/Modernity
1. Transatlantic slave trade
2. Global DevelopmentsIV. African Provenance
1. Exportation through the Atlantic
2. EnslavementV. How Europe Underdeveloped Africa
A. The relationship between Europe and Africa
1. Development of Africa before Europe
2. African economies/culture
3. Africa’s contributions to EuropeVI. African American Culture and Psychology
A. African Psychology
1. Categories of Psychology
2. Approaching African and African American Psychology
B. Afrocentric Psychology
1. African American Psychology & Cultural History
2. Family/kinship
VII. Health & Illness
VIII. Mental Health & Illness
IX. Drug Use/Abuse
X. Education/Achievement/Critical Race Theory
XI. Conclusion
1. Contemporary Issues
2. How they affect us today

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