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you’re going to analyze the work of an auteur film director. You have

by | Apr 27, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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< you’re going to analyze the work of an auteur film director. You have two < options. For either option, you may focus on one or more films from a given director. Because the < essay is to be fairly short, I recommend sticking with 1-3 movies. Any more than that and the essay is < likely to become superficial. If you choose the second option, you’ll focus on key themes that appear in a director’s work. Which < themes are most prominently on display in this director’s work? Which issue(s) is the director most < concerned with addressing or investigating in the film? If you choose to examine two or more films, < from the same director, ideally from different stages in the director’s career, you may also want to < consider how the treatment of a key theme develops over time < < Getting Started < The best way to get started is to first watch the movie once for fun. Then watch it again, this time < paying careful attention to stylistic elements (cinematography, sound, editing, the use of color, etc.) < and take note of important themes that arise within the movie. For example, you might question how < the director establishes and maintains a particular mood, or how the film works to promote a particular < set of beliefs about the world. Third, prepare a rough analysis. Fourth, watch it a third time to doublecheck the accuracy of your facts (what was said, the angle of the camera, etc.). < Content and Organization < Include each of the following: < ? An introductory paragraph that identifies the title and director of the work you will examine, < provides a brief summary of the work, and clearly establishes the context of your discussion < ? A very specific Thesis Statement < ? Individual body paragraphs that contain one central focus each (Note: You MUST have more < than one body paragraph) < < ? Clear, analytical topic sentences in your body paragraphs < ? Quotations from the work you analyze (Tips: Do not begin a sentence with a quote. Never end < a paragraph with a quotation or begin a paragraph with a block quotation.) < ? Clear and thorough analyses of the evidence < ? Clear and thorough explanations of both the significance of your points and their relationship to < your thesis < ? A concluding paragraph that restates your thesis, summarizes your main points, and explains < the significance of all of it < ? Appropriate quotation style and parenthetical documentation < ? You must also make use of at least three secondary sources. These can include the work of < other critics or source material related to your thesis (something on the psychology of fear or a < book on cinematography, for instance). < o Your essay must offer original ideas. It should not simply repeat the views of others. < o Your secondary source material should come from scholarly sources, not a quotations < web page, Wikipedia, or anything similarly lacking scholarly depth. < works cited on page by itself < one cited is to be the movie then 2 more

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