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Assignment: How successful are returning citizens from prison to remain crime fr

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Mathematics and Statistics : Research | 0 comments

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Assignment: How successful are returning citizens from prison to remain crime free and in stable housing after the Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) Program
Plan and design an evaluation of an organization, program, or intervention of your choice. You may need to do some background research. Include references to the semester’s readings.
Write and submit a paper with the following information included (please include a cover page, double-space, use a 12-point font, 1″ margins, and number your pages). Below is an outline; you do not need to respond to every bullet point in this order, but you should address these things somewhere in the narrative. I expect the paper will be 8-10 pages, but should be no more than 15.
Description of the project/program/intervention
what is the context?
who wants to know?
how will the results be used?
who are the stakeholders?
Problem statement (goals, what you are trying to learn/evaluate)
what is the question/problem you are trying to answer?
why is the question important, why does it matter?
what are the outcome(s) you hope to achieve? Impact? NOTE: The outcome(s) should be SPECIFIC and worded in such a way that it is clear that it is an outcome (change in behavior of some sort).
Logic model or other plan outline that demonstrates your logic/thinking (this should be a table of some sort) SEE ATTACHED TEMPLATE AND TEMPLATE EXAMPLE
Detailed description of the kind of evaluation you are conducting and why
what is the theory behind your evaluation format/plan/structure?
what is the data you expect to gather and how will gathering that data help you evaluate the intervention?
Detailed description of the methods you will use to analyze the data
how will you know if the data supports change, the expected outcomes, or the expected impact? NOTE: The methods you use (and describe) should relate to your stated outcome(s).
what are the specific methods you will use to gather data?
what are indicators will you use to demonstrate that the outcome(s) are met?
Description of how the analysis will be used/reported
who gets the report?
what is your role in disseminating the information you gather?
what is your role in providing recommendations?
Conclusion to include a statement about your role as the evaluator for this intervention
Textbooks from course:
Podems, Donna R. Being an Evaluator: Your Practical Guide to Evaluation. New York: Guilford Press (2019).
Rossi, P. H., Lipsey, M. W., and Henry, G. T. Evaluation: A Systematic Approach, 8th Ed. Los Angeles: Sage (2019).
Russ-Eft, D. and Preskill, H. Evaluation in Organizations: A Systematic Approach to Enhancing Learning, Performance, and Change, 2nd Ed. New York: Basic Books (2009).
Please reference/use terminology found in textbooks.

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