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Assignment Tasks 1- One common strategy in data communication is to reduce error

by | Apr 27, 2022 | IT & Technology | 0 comments

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Assignment Tasks
1- One common strategy in data communication is to reduce errors, yet the method in discovering error varies depending on the method and algorithm applied. Using at least one example of each, you are to explain CRC and hamming error discovery/correction.
(10 Mark)
2- Data at physical layer of TCP/IP network model should be converted to a specific signals to be transmitted across medium. With the aid of diagrams and examples, explain different digital modulation techniques and encoding schemes.
(15 Mark)
3- The TCP/IP model is known to be a very successful suite and very influential in data communication. With the aid of diagrams, explain the TCP/IP network model layers and analyse functions of protocols within each layer.
(20 Mark)
4- The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is known to be one of the most important protocol used in computer networks. It helps to understand and analyse the protocol most effectively and monitor and capture the traffic using a protocol analyser. Using Wireshark capture, analyse the TCP, identify source and destination MAC address, source and destination IP address, and show the full working out of your experiment in a logical structure.
(25 Mark)
5- You are working as a pre-sales engineer in an IT company, you have been assigned to design, implement a network infrastructure for a client company. The Company consists of 4 departments, shown in table 1, the director has instructed you to use private IP address of
Department Devices
Finance/HR 10 Computer & Printer
Design /engineers 12 Computers & Printer
Sales 27 computers & printer
Admin 6 computers & printer
Table 1: workstation distribution
A. Explain the principles of IP addressing based on IPv4 and discuss the key practical issues in implementing IP addressing.
B. Subnet the above network IP address based on given requirements. You also need to include possible future expansions for both: number of departments and users in each department.
(30 Mark)

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