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Film Reports Task and Purpose: Your papers should use each film as a vehicle for

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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Film Reports
Task and Purpose:
Your papers should use each film as a vehicle for discussing the most relevant concepts, ideas, or theories covered throughout the course. Be sure to define specific concepts and describe how examples from the film illustrate the particular concept you are discussing. Create a strong argument and structure for your paper that applies course content to the film. Your discussion of examples from the film should present a clear and concise picture of the issues related to our course content. Write as if your reader has no experience of the content, such that anyone reading your paper can clearly grasp your argument and your use of the film as an illustration. These papers are not expected to be “film reviews” in the strictest sense, though they may incorporate certain features of traditional film analyses. Your papers must be analytical, academic, and sociological.
Technical requirements: 2-3 pages. Proper in-text citation of course materials is expected. If outside sources are used, please submit a complete bibliography. The style of the report should be exactly as you would write for a formal paper: intro; body of paragraphs (one idea, one paragraph); proper citation in the paper; reference page.
A good analysis will: 1) incorporate and accurately discuss the most relevant content, 2) be well organized and articulate so that sentences are fluent (flow), and 3) be free of grammatical error. The best analyses will have a clearly stated thesis around which the entire paper is structured and a complex argument that focuses on a specific conceptual theme prominent in the theorist’s work
As a guideline, you should (1) summarize the film briefly in the first one or two paragraphs; (2) in the middle section of the paper (paragraphs 3-4 or so) relate it to the readings and class discussions; and (3) in the final paragraph state your reactions to the film (what you thought was good about it and why and what if anything you thought wasn’t as good and why and/or how you personally related to the film). You should include a reference page (it does not include the 2-3 page requirement).Links to the film: Readings (the rest I have uploaded) have uploaded class readings below.

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