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Please follow the instruction of the assignment.NUTRITION RESEARCH ASSIGNMENTYou

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Please follow the instruction of the assignment.NUTRITION RESEARCH ASSIGNMENTYou will be required to research a nutrition topic of your choice based on the subjects we are discussing. You must find a research article on your topic, from an accredited journal (i.e. The Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (JADA, JAMA. The Journal of the American Medical Association or any other medical journal available the library or on the library’s database. You will submit the first page of the article with your paper and include a bibliography of the article read and proper citations when necessary. The final assignment will consist of the following components. MINIMUM OF 750 WORDs. (USE WORD) include word count
– A summary of your topic, including issues of concern or what research is being done and why. MUST BE A HUMAN STUDY

– Include a copy of the first page of the article, bibliography and citations.

– Write a summary of the research article including who the subjects were, how many subjects were involved, what exactly was being studied, the methodology, the results and conclusion. – IN YOUR OWN WORDS

– Then write your own conclusion on the topic relating to the research your just read what you learned. Was it good science? Why? What did you come to believe about the topic?
*Topics must be specific, i.e. not simply “Vitamin A” but “Vitamin A and Cancer Prevention” or not just “Pediatric Nutrition” but “Parental Influence of Food Choices of Children.
*** Research articles must have subjects, methods, experiments and conclusions. It must be the original research NOT an article a about research. Not all articles in journals are original research, choose carefully.
**** All citations must be written in APA format (see directions). Help is available at the Library and the Writing Center . There is a handout included
Select a NUTRIENT and an area of concern (disease state, metabolism. treatment, etc.) in a disease or a special population we have studied

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