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Respond to ONE of the following. Write in a format similar to that which you wo

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Criminology | 0 comments

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Respond to ONE of the following. Write in a format similar to that which you would use if you were writing a class paper, but you only need to supply references if you use sources other than those included in the assignment. If you state an opinion, you must support your opinion with facts from a secondary source such as those included in the assignment. Submit it via Canvas as an attachment to the Extra Credit Below 70% assignment. It is due NO LATER THAN May 2nd at 5PM.
< < Many politicians and news organizations are claiming that there is an epidemic of police shooting black males, particularly unarmed black males. Do you agree with this? How might the media be driving the impression that there are more bad shootings than there actually are? You should include statistics and information from the following two websites (both are 2020 publications):1) and 2) and 3) material from slides 34 to 46 from the Chapter 1 PowerPoint (it is still active on Canvas). Address the issue of not comparing the actual number of events to the base rate of police in the US, for example is there an epidemic of bad police officers if 10 kill unarmed people (yes we should treat these as possible murders) but there are 1,000,000 sworn officers in the US? What is the percentage of ten out of a million? Is the media failing to examine statistics in terms of base rates, a decision-making error? Are they exploiting the Availability Bias and Representation Bias (you will have to look up these terms on Google)? Are those who are analyzing the data qualified to do so (i.e. is someone with no training in crime data analysis making the claims or are the claims being made by someone with a Ph.D. in Criminology)? If they presented a case as being a bad shooting but it was later investigated by the FBI Civil Rights Division and found to be justified, are they printing retractions? Why do you think that the media and the public are focusing on police killings when the medical profession is killing probably 100 times more people through medical errors than do the police through bad policing practices (you need to look up the statistics for deaths due to medical errors in addressing this point)? < < < Many of the legislators in Virginia have advocated that Virginia return to indeterminate sentences and to allow parole once again. Do you agree with this or should the state continue with the current truth in sentencing approach and keep parole limited? If parole should not be restored, should something else be added to permit offenders to shorten their sentences? If you say yes that parole should not be restored but something else should be instituted in its place, what would that be? You should include material from the following (this also has publications from this year): 1) 2) and 3) 4) this last source is an article to be used if you cannot access the New York Times article listed as #2 above (there is a limit on how many free articles you can get from them and I am not asking you to take out a subscription to access this one article.) . Do parolees have higher rates of recidivism than those released after completing their sentences who are released without supervision or are released with only some form of community supervision (see your class PowerPoints (13.10) and this article: )? Should an emergency like Covid play a factor, i.e. just parole people regardless of crime just to reduce the prison overcrowding (your opinion is ok on this, but say why you agree or disagree)? < Remember that this is an academic assignment and just offering an opinion one way or the other on either topic is insufficient, you must support your opinion(s) one way or the other with data, or other material, from all 3 of the sources listed for each option. < Please Read through Instructions and Go through all the requirements. Open links get the idea or material . Do with Extra Effort . Thank You <

DO NOT COPY material on the internet . Plagersim is taken very serious in this class .

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