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TOPIC: Social Determinants of Health: EDUCATION ACCESS AND QUALITY
Consider the assessment questions and appropriate interventions related to social determinants of health. Healthy physical, social, and economic environments strengthen the potential to achieve health and well-being. The nurse practitioner (NP) must assess all facets of clients’ health during a comprehensive health history.
o    Examine the overview of your assigned social determinant of health (Education Access and Quality) on the Healthy People website:
1.    Define the determinant.
2.    Describe how the assigned social determinant could impact the health outcomes of a client.
3.    Identify what information the NP could gather to assess the impact of the determinant for the client.
4.    Discuss at least two online, national, or local resources available for at-risk clients and families for the selected determinant.
o    Integration of Evidence: Provide support from a minimum of TWO scholarly in-text citations in addition to the textbook.  
o    Professionalism in Communication: Present information in a logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence that is relevant to the topic.  
o    Grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation are accurate. 
o    Good writing calls for the limited use of direct quotes. Direct quotes are to be limited to one short quotation (not to exceed 10 words). The quote must add substantively to the discussion. 
o    Reference Citation: Provide references with complete information as required by APA. Include in-text citations included for all references AND references for all in-text citations.   
References: U.S. based peer reviewed journals geared for clinicians (MD/DO/NP/PA) published in the past five years OR the latest edition of a Clinical Practice Guideline. All scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles must be current – within a 5-year time frame.
TEXTBOOK: Bickley, L. S., Szilagyi, P. G., Hoffman, R. M., & Soriano, R. P. (2021). Bates’ guide to physical examination and history taking (13th ed.). Wolters Kluwer.

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