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Type of task: Needs analysis report Maximum: 3,000 words (excluding references)

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Psychology | 0 comments

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Type of task: Needs analysis report
Maximum: 3,000 words (excluding references) Reference style is APAFor this assessment, you are asked to submit a 3,000 word report consisting of a comprehensive learning needs analysis. The grade for this assignment constitutes 100% of your overall module grade.You will select an organisation with which you are familiar (you may choose any you like and conduct an analysis to identify learning needs.
I have chosen the NHS and the use of Emotional Freedom Technique to improve stress, mental health, reduce sickness rate and improve patient care.In addition to the learning needs, you will need to identify the context of the organisation, who the learners are and if there are additional needs to be considered.You should include the following elements in your report:Problem statement: write a brief (50-100 words) outlining what kind of training you will embark on designing for.
Academic literature review (approx. 1000-1200 words) – review relevant training/psychological literature to that domain and consider what might be important considerations when designing training in this particular domain.
Context of the organisation and relevant aspects to training (e.g. geographical dispersion, budget, etc.)
Target audience of learners. Consider the demographic, baseline levels of knowledge/skills.
Competencies required for the learner
Justification for why those competencies are important for the training
‘Gap’ analysis (likely difference between baseline levels of knowledge/skills and those required to achieve by the end of the training session).
Any additional needs to be considered for delivering the training (e.g. adaptations for disability, etc.).NHS staff sickness is on NHS Digital. For Emotional Freedom Technique peer reviewed science Peta Stapleton is a good source to start with. I have written some further thoughts and accessed some reading resources to support my thinking. Will this be helpful to send to you? Haven’t done this before, not sure how it works.Thank you in advance

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