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1. No resubmissions allowed on this assignment allowed.Notice you have no help v

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1. No resubmissions allowed on this assignment allowed.Notice you have no help video. You’ll need to figure this one out on your own.Please follow the directions on this file Download this file. Name your file MyLastName-RegionalParks.
Upload your finished file to this assignment2.Review your Ethics Project Guidelines to be sure you have followed instructions.When you have finished your paper and your Sway and are ready to be graded, use the “Upload” tab for the docx and the pdf files, and the “Text” Entry” tab to copy and paste the URL to the Sway. To upload multiple files, resubmit the project multiple times. sway help video
General InstructionsNO LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED.Create a short (1 or 2 pages) Word 2019 document in OneDrive. Next, use the content of your Word file to create a “Sway” presentation (see your Sway help video), saved digitally and as a .pdf.Instruction DetailsChoose a topic from the list below.
Base your research on Internet searches.
Find your grading rubric below the assignment which appears near the end of your modules.
Name the Word 2019 file MyLastName-Research-Paper
Share the final draft in OneDrive with your instructor.
Scroll down your Modules page to find the due date and assignment through which you will submit.
Be aware that a plagiarism report will be generated.FormattingA bold title is centered above the the first paragraph;
Font is 12pt Times Roman;
Line spacing is double;
At least one area is two columns;
At least one image appears per paragraph with the text wrapped tight. (To assist with copyright compliance, go to advanced Google image search, scroll down, and filter for images free to share through “Creative Commons”);
A bibliography created with the Word 2019 “References”–> “Bibliography” tool appears on a separate, final page;
Citations within the body of the paper are created using the Word 2019 “References”–>”Citations” tool. Any in-text citation must have a corresponding bibliographic entry. For example, “A 2021 report claims that….(Jones, 2021)” in the body of your paper includes the full citation for Jones 2021 in the bibliography.
Topics of Ethical ImportanceBroadband Internet Service as a utility: should the Internet be available in the same way that telephone, electric, and water are?
Digital Divide: the gap between rich and poor affects access to information.
Florida’s current social media law: do employers have the right to your social media login?
How have the consequences of sexting negatively impacted lives and careers?
Biohacking: Altering your body
Death by Selfie
Facial recognition software: is it biased towards white men?
Effects of social media “Likes” on the brain
The SwayThe second part of your project requires you to learn a new application, Microsoft Sway. Refer to your Sway help video. Reduce each paragraph of the Word document (from Part 1) to two or more full sentences per Sway “card” (“card” is like a PowerPoint “slide”) that represent the main idea(s). Those main ideas must be typed into the Sway with perfect grammar and punctuation. Add image(s) on each card.Be sure to have shared your Sway with your instructor’s email;
Check the settings of your Sway. Don’t allow outsiders to copy or embed;
Use images from advanced Google image search to comply with copyright;
Include the bibliography from your research paper.
Submission of Research and the SwayWatch “Help Me Submit My Project (Links to an external site.),” linked in your Modules list below the link to the assignment.

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