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Argumentative Essay answering the question Is college the best option for you? T

by | Apr 28, 2022 | English and Literature : English | 0 comments

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Argumentative Essay answering the question Is college the best option for you?
This essay is a traditional argument, which means that you will be developing your answer to the essay question, an answer that some people may disagree with—thus, the argument. You’ll be supporting your thinking with outside resources and your own analysis of those resources. Because this is our first purley argumentative essay in the class, do your best to include the following elements in your essay:
An introduction paragraph that introduces your overall topic and your perspective on that topic.
The introduction paragraph must end with a clearly stated thesis statement.
The thesis statement should be an answer to the essay question, which is whether college is the best option for you and your chosen career path.
Body paragraphs that work to support the thesis.
Each body paragraph must start with a topic sentence that indicates the topic of the paragraph and a connection back to the thesis. (That is, each body paragraph should explain one reason why college is or is not the best option for you.)
Each body paragraph should be focused on a main point that helps to support your thesis.
Use evidence from multiple sources.
You are required to use evidence from at least three sources.
At least one source must be from a website or article from Unit Three
You may use your own personal experience, or the experience of your friends/family as anecdotal evidence if you find that helpful
A conclusion paragraph that brings closure to the essay. Here, you can reflect on the overall topic, what it means to you, or why the topic is worthy of our consideration.
You should include your own thinking about college, but the extent of this is up to you!
Compose an essay of at least 1,500 words.
Include a thesis statement and topic sentences.
Integrate (using quotation and paraphrase) specific examples from three sources, one of which must come from this unit
Cite sources using MLA citation guidelines . 
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