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Packet Assignments from book Psychology 2e (OpenStax)

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Psychology and Education : Psychology | 0 comments

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Packet Assignments
from book Psychology 2e (OpenStax)
1.Chapter 7 -Intellectual Skills
Based on the “diamond analogy” used to describe the structure of intelligence, please identify five (5) intellectual “sub-skills” that you have.  One way to identify these is to think of those skills that you may have demonstrated at school, at work, or other areas of life.  You might be aware of such skills through grades you have received or positive feedback you have received from others.  There is no one “right” answer….this is just an exercise in learning how to become more aware of your intellectual strengths and skills. Please also indicate what business or academic major would require such skills.
2.Chapter 11- Defense Mechanisms
Select and define any five defense mechanisms.  Describe how each would function in a real-life situation. Each response should be approximately one paragraph in length
3.Chapter 15- Psychological Disorders
Select and describe three psychological disorders from Chapter 15. Using what you have learned regarding personality theories from Chapter 11, suggest a possible explanation for how each condition might be caused.
4.Chapter 16 -Therapy and Treatment
This chapter includes types of treatment and treatment modalities.  Please use what you have learned from this chapter to explain how you would effectively treat the three conditions you have selected from Chapter 15.  You can use information from both the section regarding Types of Treatments and Treatment Modalities
Identify and explain one idea, or concept that you learned during this course. Please explain how you will use that concept to your benefit in the future.

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