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This assessment is in two parts.Section A (40%/ 800 words):Students must complet

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments

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This assessment is in two parts.Section A (40%/ 800 words):Students must complete a transcription of the first five minutes one of the interviews provided and then reflect on the transcription. The transcription is not included in the word count. You must then reflect on the process of of transcription and how that impacted your analysis of the data and the method overall. Do you consider transcription to be a separate activity from interviewing? Or should it be understood as part and parcel of the whole interview process and, if so, in what ways?Section B (60%/ 1200 words):Students must provide an analysis and critique of the interview. The interview as a whole (NOT just the first five minutes) must be assessed in terms of its overall design and execution, its strengths and weaknesses, what data is revealed and what is missing, and potential ethical issues. Students must also engage with appropriate methodological materials. Please note that correct and consistent referencing is expected.Remember, this is about the interview as a method, not in terms of the data you actually collect. Reflect on the method itself!Materials- Race and racismLouis Theroux interviews Eugene Terreblanche (Search “Louis Theroux Meets the Boer Leader BBC, it’s a youtube video, 5 minutes and 1 second long)*** Warning: contains offensive and explicitly racist viewpoints.- Forgotten AustraliansThree people’s stories (Search “Stolen Childhoods” on Youtube, it’s a video posted by Museums Victoria, 16 minutes and 33 seconds long)Note: it is difficult to get interviews from this particular group of people, but please transcribe the five minutes and reflect on them. Often traumatic and difficult, you will need to think about how to approach such interview topics.- Everyday lifeThis is an interview conducted with the creator of Humans of New York where he discusses his life, motivations and interests.Inside the Mind of ‘Humans of New York’ (Search “Humans of New York creator shares secrets of his craft”, it’s posted by Polina Pompliano, 56 minutes and 14 seconds long)I will upload more lecture materials on research methods when I get a chance, just choose one of these interviews to transcribe and analyse, remember to reference it, thank you!

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