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Paper Topic: After you finish reading the play, I’d like you to compose a chara

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Paper Topic: After you finish reading the play, I’d like you to compose a character analysis of one of the major characters in the play. That is, in a paper of 2-3 pages, offer a close analysis of your sense of that character’s personality. Look carefully at what the character says and does, what the tone of his language is, and any other clues you can think of to discover what makes that character tick. In a well-argued analytic essay, discuss how the evidence you present adds up to the conclusion you have reached about that character’s character.

What I’m especially looking for in the paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to read through the material and infer what it says indirectly. Critical thinking and analysis is about the ability to see beyond the surface of things to the implied message, so this paper asks that you deduce something about a character and then present the support for your deduction by discussing the carefully selected passages in the play that gave you your insights. Your deduction will be your THESIS STATEMENT. I urge you to review the section on composing and revising in Diana Hacker’s Writer’s Reference for useful information on developing an argumentative thesis.

Mechanics Structurally, your paper should have an introductory paragraph that concludes with a thesis statement – an assertion of the point your paper will argue along with a very brief outline of what elements of the play you will offer in support of your point. The body of your paper should consist of a few paragraphs that each offer a close, careful discussion of different passages or speeches from the play that you briefly quote and then analyze to show how they prove that your assertion is correct.

Though you are not required or even urged to use any outside sources for this paper, if you choose to use some, be sure to cite them properly. There is a link to the MLA documentation site in the Paper Help section, or you may refer to the appropriate pages in Hacker’s Writer’s Reference. And if you quote from the play, be sure to cite it by giving the line numbers (not the page number!) and including the text in your Works Cited list.

Papers should be double spaced and must include a header on the first page following the format of the model essay which is available in the Course Home module in the Paper Help section.

Paper Assignment at a Glance

Be sure to consult the “Paper Help” and “Analysis Help” links for advice about how to approach the assignment and how to proceed with the paper. Consider visiting the “tips” link provided above for additional advice about effective essay writing.

Make sure that you formally introduce the play and your topic in your opening paragraph.

Offer a clear, argumentative thesis at the end of your opening paragraph. It should express your interpretation of one of the characters in the play.

Double space the paper.

Put your name on the first page, following the example in the model essay.

Give your paper an interesting, original title.

Use a font size equivalent to Verdana 11.

Use only black typeface.

Use ONLY the MLA style of citation.

Cite your source if you quote or paraphrase material or ideas taken from any source (including the play!). must be 100% about characters from Philoctetes and only about the story of Philoctetes.

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