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Please review the attached paper and make the bullet outline into a paper. Also

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Please review the attached paper and make the bullet outline into a paper. Also add to the paper, read instructions below
A Review of the Professional and Academic Literature
The goal of the literature review is to show the connection between the existing body of knowledge  and the research study. The research project will either add new knowledge in a new direction or  fill a gap where knowledge is missing, or both. This was introduced in the purpose statement earlier. In all cases, the study must rest solidly on the foundation provided by the existing body of knowledge and be clearly connected to it. The literature review is the primary way in which this connection is established. The review should provide a ‘360-degree’ view of the literature related to the problem illustrating all sides of the discussion, not just perspectives that support the researcher’s views or a single perspective. This is accomplished by including both supporting and contradictory scholarly reference material.
*Begin this section with an introductory paragraph of
250 top 500 words that provides an overview or ‘roadmap’ of the main elements of the literature
 Leadership Practices Detailed discussion of the leadership practices related to the
problem being studied.
 The Problem – Detailed discussion of the background general and specific problems.
 Concepts – Detailed discussion of the concepts found in the research framework.
 Theories – Detailed discussion of the theories found in the research framework.
 Constructs – Detailed discussion of the constructs found in the research framework.
 Related Studies – Detailed review of related studies presenting all viewpoints, not just
those that support the researcher’s views.
 Anticipated Themes and Discovered Themes – Detailed discussion of anticipated themes
known prior to the study and discovered themes following the study.
 The literature review should include only scholarly sources with at least 75% being  published within the last 5 years.
 The literature review is intended to be exhaustive and may require more than the minimum  number of pages to achieve this goal.
 The literature review should compare and contrast different points of view

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