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This is a comprehensive essay exam worth one hundred points of the final grade.

by | May 21, 2022 | Law : Criminology | 0 comments

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This is a comprehensive essay exam worth one hundred points of the final grade. Demonstrated mastery of the subject matter is the basis of student scores. Students receive points on their essays by correctly applying relevant course material, logically connecting conclusions to the materials referenced, and providing a thoughtful, well-written discussion
Based on your review of theories covered during the semester, what three theories hold the greatest potential to make society safer if implemented in criminal justice policy and practice. Provide a thorough overview of the three explanations selected using Akers’ criteria for evaluating theories, paying special attention to the empirical validity and policy implications of the arguments. Discuss whether it would be possible to integrate these theories into one more powerful explanation. If so, demonstrate how. If not, explain why not.
Intelligence has been a concept linked to criminal behavior for more than a century. Explain an early and a contemporary argument of intelligence and crime. Assess both using the criteria for evaluating theory. Given the challenges with these arguments, explain why intelligence remains a variable in explanations of crime.
Classical Deterrence Theory provides the theoretical basis for the legal process in the United States. Review the argument, its modern updates, and expansions to the concept of deterrence. In your opinion, is it possible to improve a contemporary policy like the death penalty to increase the deterrent effect? If so, explain how. If not, explain why not.
Explain the difference in the underlying assumption of control theories compared to other sociological theories of crime causation. Demonstrate the difference by explaining the arguments of a control theory, a strain theory, and a learning theory, being sure to highlight the distinction. 
Explain the difference between racist, race-neutral, and race-inclusive theories. Discuss three theories of Black criminology. In addition to explaining the argument, be sure to highlight how each theory is an example of Black Criminology as opposed to racist or race-neutral theory.

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