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Do the statements of facts based off of the Trial brief fact pattern below. This

by | May 22, 2022 | Law : Law | 0 comments

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Do the statements of facts based off of the Trial brief fact pattern below. This is done In a paragraph form  Our client, the Baker Public School District (“Baker District”), located in the State of Anywhere, was recently sued in federal court by Lucas Matsen, a junior in high school who attends Liberty High School in the Baker District. The Baker District suspended Lucas for wearing a T-shirt to Liberty with the image of a gun and the wording “Bring Your Gun to School Day – Tomorrow!”
Liberty’s principal, Hillary Ross, testified at her deposition that within the past few months, the Baker District had experienced several “troubling episodes,” including a lockdown at Liberty three months ago when a student brought a gun to the school as well as a school shooting at another high school within five miles of Liberty. In addition, one month ago, a “hit list” was found in the boys’ locker room at Liberty, listing the names of ten students under a skull and crossbones figure.
After each of these incidents, Liberty noted increased absenteeism at the school. After the “hit list” was found, Liberty issued a written school policy (signed by all students and parents) that states that students may not wear clothing or other accessories to school that displays “symbols of violence.” When Lucas wore the T-shirt described above, he was suspended for one week. Lucas, through his parents, has sued the Baker District, alleging it has violated his First Amendment freedom of speech rights. Lucas has not asserted that the policy is overbroad. At his deposition, Lucas testified that his T-shirt was a political message advocating support for the Second Amendment.
Please prepare a brief (or memorandum of law) in support of a motion for summary judgment that will persuade the U.S. District Court for the Anywhere District that Baker District did not infringe Lucas’s First Amendment rights. The Anywhere District has no cases on point. Therefore, do not restrict your research to the law of any one district or circuit.
Court rules impose a ten-page limit on all briefs. In addition, court rules require that the brief be word-processed and double-spaced and that the current Bluebook citation form be followed.
Just so you know my teacher has said that The Statement sets forth the facts in a narrative that is easy to follow for a reader who is unfamiliar with the case. It includes all legally relevant facts and are stated accurately. The Statement includes the relevant facts used in the Argument, both favorable and unfavorable. So please make sure to do this.

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