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Social Status <

Write a 500 or more word paper that provides a critical

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Social Status
< Write a 500 or more word paper that provides a critical analysis and evaluation of the following questions. < < · What are some of your ascribed, achieved, and master statuses? High school softball Champs back to back in 2001 and 2002. I received my Paralegal Degree in 2020. I received my Associate’s Degree in Business February 2022. I work full time for Tyson Foods as a Sr. Paralegal and help my husband run a successful excavation company. < < · How are these different from your parents or grandparents? I am the first in my family to go to college and earn a degree. < < · Do family, work, or other activities hold the same personal identification status for you as they did for your parents or grandparents? My grandparents and parents were not big on college nor was it a big deal. I decided to start my college career in 2019 once my kids were old enough to do things on their own. I wanted to show my kids that no matter how old etc. you can better yourself in life. Since obtaining my Associate’s Degree I received a raise a work. Therefore, I know it will payoff once I get my bachelor’s. < < < < Additionally, in your paper discuss any differences that you notice. < < · Did your parents or grandparents experience different conflict or strain than you? My grandparents raised food to feed their families. None of my grandparents or parents went to college but they all did graduate high school. My parents worked hard and I never did without but the generations are completely different for sure. < < · Discuss any differences that you notice. < < · What future statuses do you expect for your life? I am working hard to get my bachelor’s degree and want to attend law school. Law school is my end goal. I could have my law degree by the time I am 45. < < · How will these differ in personal identification and conflict or strain from you current statuses?

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