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Referencing the attached scenario and building on the “Introduction” (attached),

by | May 23, 2022 | Computer science : Information Technology (IT) | 0 comments

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Referencing the attached scenario and building on the “Introduction” (attached), address the following critical elements:
I) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):
a) Existing Systems: What existing systems will need to be replaced, updated, or integrated with new software? Assess the existing systems for their potential to be successfully integrated into the new structure.
b) Enterprise Resource System: Provide your justification and rationale for the specific type of ERP system you have selected. Why was the tool you selected the best choice for the school district? What particular aspects were appealing for providing a cohesive representation of resources across the district? (Oracle is the recommended choice).
c) Software Integration: Which systems will you include in the ERP? What type of information will you need to identify from each system? How will you integrate collection, storage, and sharing tools to ensure a cohesive representation of district resources?
d) Visualization: Provide a visual representation of the overall structure you intend to implement. This should include a view for both board members and IT professionals to refer to. Be sure to make reference to any remaining systems and highlight how the new system will allow each remote office to link to the central location.
e) Assessment of Proposed Integration: Assess the extent to which you feel the new system will have consolidated the old variety of disparate systems that currently exist. How will such consolidation improve efficiency across the district? Provide appropriate support to your reasoning.
II) Implementation:
a) Timeline and Steps: Include a reasonable timeline for implementation. Some things to consider: Is there sufficient time between milestones? What milestones and key deliverables will be required to complete the data warehouse from start to finish?
b) Tools: What tools are available to help integrate existing software? What criteria will you use to determine how effective the tools are in meeting the needs of the organization?
c) Business Processes: How will you determine the workflow of common processes within the organization? To what extent will the ERP system improve efficiency of business processes?

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