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Part I: Entertainment Critic <br /> <br />In the first part of your

by | Jun 19, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Part I: Entertainment Critic
<br />
<br />In the first part of your paper,
<br />
<br />Evaluate the film as a critic from an entertainment perspective using the following three topics:
<br />Topic: Evaluating
<br />Identify what the film is trying to say.
<br />Explain how well the film says what it is trying to say.
<br />Explain, in your opinion, if it is worth saying.
<br />Topic: Storytelling
<br />Discuss both narrative and literary concepts listed in the text.
<br />Discuss the common character archetypes represented in the film using Table 2.3: Archetypes in Film from Reading 2.5 in the textbook.
<br />Topic: Analyzing
<br />Choose an analysis approach (i.e., formalist, dualist, or generic).
<br />Provide a one-paragraph analysis of the film using this approach.
<br />Part 2: Business Lens
<br />
<br />In the second part of your paper,
<br />
<br />Analyze business concepts in the film.
<br />Consider the theme of the film, and choose three of the following four themes to discuss: management, leadership, ethics, or entrepreneurship. Address three of the following:
<br />Identify leadership traits portrayed in the film (charismatic, transactional, transformational).
<br />Identify management concepts portrayed in the film.
<br />Refer to the Management Concepts and Terms (Links to an external site.) document for support.
<br />Identify ethical dilemmas in the film.
<br />Justify decisions made by characters based on moral standards and ethics.
<br />Identify entrepreneurship concepts portrayed in the film
<br />Discuss different business types, steps to starting a business, or products versus services.
<br />Part 3: Conclusion
<br />
<br />For your conclusion,
<br />
<br />Explain how your review differed between Part 1: Entertainment Critic and Part 2: Business Lens.
<br />Consider business success and failures portrayed in the film.
<br />What are some of the key takeaways that can be used in your business or career?

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