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Respond to the following: (cite each analysis reading at least once); (at least

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Respond to the following: (cite each analysis reading at least once); (at least 650 words)
1. AccordingtoTatar,howdoesincestappearinthestoriesofCinderellaanditsvariants?
2. HowdoesthestoryofCinderellacommentonsocialclass?Doesitreinforceorsubvert notions of social mobility? Also, how does competition play a role in the story of Cinderella in multiple versions?
3. Cashdanreading:WhatisBettelheim’sanalysisforthemotivationofZezollatokillher stepmother? What is Cashdan’s response to this? And, what is Cashdan’s own analysis for the motivation of Zezolla in this regard? Why might the “Cat Cinderella” variant have fallen out of favor? What does the fairy queen and her gifts represent? What is the connection between blindness and the primary theme of the story?
4. Bettelheimreading:Summarizehis‘oedipal’readingofCinderella.Doyouagreewithit? Why or why not? According to him, what is the main theme of the story? Which version of the story seems the most appropriate for children? Why? Which version did Disney use? Why? How does Cinderella represent 5 steps in personality development? Offer an explanation for the symbolism of each of these objects found in the Cinderella story: ashes, the twig, the tree, the slipper, doves.
5. AccordingtoWood,howdoesDisneytakeadvantageofthefilmmediumtotellthe story? What does Disney add to the story’s plot? Does this change the meaning of the tale? How?
6. Comparefemaleleadcharacters:RedRidingHood,Beauty/Belle,SnowWhite, Cinderella, taking into consideration the multiple versions of these characters. Which seems the most resilient (stable, consistent) over time and why? Which female character connotes the most feminist figure and why? Which female character seems to connote more conservative/“traditional” gender norms? Which character has changed the most dramatically across time and versions? Why might that be?

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