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Slide 1: Cover Slide (Title, Student Name, etc.) Slide 2: Your “Top Five” Guidel

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Slide 1: Cover Slide (Title, Student Name, etc.)
Slide 2: Your “Top Five” Guidelines for Marketing Internationally.  Do some general research on international marketing strategies for American companies.  After doing your research, develop your own “guide” for American companies by providing your Top 5 guidelines.
Slide 3: International Marketing “Pitfalls.”  Provide three “real world” examples of mistakes/pitfalls that American companies have experienced when Marketing internationally.
​Related article:
Slide 4: Select a Company.  Select one of these companies listed below (or you can pick your own) and provide a brief summary of your selected Company’s international Marketing Strategy.
Possible Companies to Research (or you can pick your own):
American Express
Cisco Systems
Coca Cola
FedEx Corporation
Fiat Chrysler
General Motors
Hitachi group
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Marriott International
Example:  The international strategy of McDonald’s is often referred to as the globalization strategy. The globalization strategy involves the integration of the global and local. This model has allowed the brand to practice standard operations while adapting to the local and global culture.
Slides 5 – 8: International Marketing Examples.  Discover four countries in which your selected company has marketed.  Using one slide for each country demonstrate their approach with a TV Ad link, a print ad, Social media examples, your written description, etc.  We attached a few examples of Print Ads and TV Ads (click link below):
International Ads Examples.pptx
Slide 9: Lessons Learned.  Provide at least five key lessons that you learned from this exercise.
Slide 10: Reference Page.  Provide at least four references you used in your research. .

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